I hold workshops in and around the Belfast area throughout the year. As well as my signature BreatheMoveConnect class, I can teach specific Pilates, Qoya or Yoga classes. As well as teaching women in general, I hold classes that are specifically for women living with cancer. I also do 1:1 movement sessions and 1:1 reformer sessions.


Breathe Move Connect is a combination of Pilates, Yoga and Qoya. I created this movement offering to allow you to experience the unique benefits of each practice form, in a seamless flow of breath and movement. However, it is more than just movement. It is movement with meaning. 

As you move your way through your own personal experience with your body and with your breath, change will take place on many levels. My personal experience has been that as I allow my breath and body to align, I connect with myself on a deeper level as I re-connect with the innate intelligence of the body that lies within all of us.


As you strengthen and begin to feel physically stronger in your body, you may begin to feel strengthened and empowered in all other aspects of your being.

With this inner strength, you will feel safe and secure enough to know that you can also hold space for those more vulnerable aspects of yourself with kindness and self compassion; ultimately, embracing your wholeness and all parts of yourself, the light and the shadow.


Through a combination of movement and stillness, we can be grounded but in flow. Through strengthening with relaxation, we can re-balance and re-connect.

When we practice this form of movement with intention, in a group with other women, not only do we deepen our connection to ourselves; we strengthen our connection to each other. In this space of deep connection to ourselves and each other, there is freedom to be our true authentic selves and to support each other just as we are. Our hearts are inspired, our energy renewed; we are nourished, supported, strengthened and empowered; honouring all parts of ourselves as we are present and open to transformation.