bespoke retreats


Over the years, I have thoroughly enjoyed going on various health and wellness retreats.
 However, my experience has been that sometimes it can be difficult to find the perfect retreat, on the ideal weekend, with a schedule to suit my own individual needs at that particular time.

That is why I am offering bespoke retreats to make the most of your precious time away from the routine of normal life; offering a balance of relaxation and activity to boost your feeling of health and well-being. So gather your group of friends, pick your date and we can co-create your perfect retreat experience together!



At Sandhill House, we can create the perfect, bespoke weekend for your group, planning in advance all that you would like to do together while you are away.
 With ample choice of restaurants, pubs and bars in the local area, there are plenty of options for dining, socialising and listening to local music and entertainment, song and dance. During the day, your time can be organised to include Yoga, Pilates, Qoya, meditation and relaxation. With a treatment room at Sandhill house, personal treatments can be organised if requested.


Surrounded by nature

Dunfanaghy is situated on the Wild Atlantic Way and is surrounded by beaches, mountains and scenic areas of natural outstanding beauty. The therapeutic benefits of being in nature are well documented and Dunfanaghy has endless opportunities to satisfy this need.


outdoor activities

For the active among us, there are plenty of amenities, such as, surfing, horse riding, hill walking, golfing, cycling and more. We can liase to get activities booked before you arrive, so there is no planning to be done once you’ve made the great escape away.

After your bespoke retreat at Sandhill, my hope is that you shall be returning home feeling nourished and restored after a balanced weekend of fun, relaxation, health and wellness.